Cute Magic “Mushroom”

Here I want to share a magic thing with you. It is not only a Night Lamp but also a Humidifier which Moisturizing your skin and increase humidity of air. Very portable and easy to use. Remove unfavorable odors and smells. A healthy lifestyle gadget,it is great for your home,office,ect. How to use:
1. Open the hat, and put the cotton stick in the tube.
2. Add water to the body(leaving at least 10mm space).
3. Put back the hat, making sure that the conductive pads on both sides are connected correctly.
4. Remove the tiny lid on the top of its hat.
5. Connect the USB to a computer.
6. Just enjoy the Super cute humidifier!
The working voltage of this mini humidifier is DC 5V. Do not use it inproperly. Please use purified water to keep the water clean, in case to block the mist net. After used for some time, wipe mist net with a good towel,which will make the spray back to normal. Do not add oil to the water, because it is easy to block swab lead to the abnormal spray. You can drop the aroma oil into the water to make the air fresher.(Aroma oil is not included.) mg