The skiing originated the much colder snow district at the earliest stage.In order to adapt the environment and beg to living to avoid the insurance,the residents invented snow up the pileup ― ― skiing plank,sledge and the skiing shoe etc.s.” Ski” a the phrase idea begins from the language skith in ancient Norway,is an idea of” snow shoes”,point the form,such as the skiing plank of the narrow wood boat,.13 centuries,the skiing becomes the country skill of Norway;14-16 centuries,various country in North Europe Finland,Norway,Sweden and Russiases all once make use of the skiing battle;In 1780,Norway the nu er ha wood made use of the soft to make into two curved skiing planks inside the sides,formation the modern tournament skiing the knothole embryo,drew back the tournament skiing prologue.In 1877,established in the Oslo in the world the first skiing department.The e lun spring person,wise man of He of the our country northeast,the person of Kazakhstan of the northwest all excels the skiing,with skiing technique hunt,conveyance.Keep go to the beginning of this 30′s in century,modern skiing sport just at our country launch.  With this you may have a good time. Just click here and enjoy your skiing time. skiing