The Gift

Do you heard about the story The Gift Of The Magi that written by O Henry. There is a couple in that story. Poor Della and  Jim. They loved each other. Della wants to buy Jim,her husban ,a gift for Chrismas,but she has little money.So she sells her most important pocession–her hair,and buys an elegant platinum watch chain for Jim.On Chrismas Day,Jim shows his gift for Della,Della opens the box and cries out in joy,only to burst into tears immediately afterward.Jim has given her the set of fancy combs she’s wanted for ages,only now she has no hair for them..The she show Jim the watch chain.Jim smiles,falling back on the couch.He sold his watch to buy Della’s combs,he explains.He recommends they put away their presents and have dinner.As they do so,the narrator brings the story to a close by pronouncing that Della and Jim are the wisest of everyone who gives gifts.They are the magi. wtc