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The Gift

Do you heard about the story The Gift Of The Magi that written by O Henry. There is a couple in that story. Poor Della and  Jim. They loved each other. Della wants to buy Jim,her husban ,a gift for Chrismas,but she has little money.So she sells her most important pocession–her hair,and buys an elegant


Mermaids have long captured the imagination of the public.They’ve thrilled us in “documentaries“, paintings fairytales and in the cinema.Sometimes these seafaring fish-ladies come to the aid of men (helpful!), and sometimes they just want to hug you to death and drown you (less helpful).Do you believe that mermaids really exsit? Well, it is still a

Care more about family relationship

Have you ever thought about your relationship with family? Generally speaking, the family brings you up, and does the best thing for you, so what you have to do is work hard, and pay back for your families. You should try you best to maintain the harmony of the family. Give your parents physical and

Sending watch as gift

Normally we give or receive gifts when there is a special occasion to celebrate such as birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, etc. From simple to expensive gifts, it gives a feeling of happiness every time we receive or send gifts. Some gifts are meant to be special and other believes that there is a symbolic meaning.

Attractive table planting

Do you want more pot plant in your office desk? Do you want to get something more attractive in your office or home? Do you still feel headache to choose any gift for your friends? Haha,let me introduce you one item that can slove all these request– the ceramic table planting. This is a creative ceramic

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